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Deputy Director of Strategic Development and Education

Dr. Dadiani is Deputy Director of GNHI in Strategic Development and Education. In this role, she leads GNHI’s corporate planning and educational activities in the sanitary, hygiene and medical ecology fields. She also oversees GNHI’s outreach activities entailing both professional trainings. Besides, she is Head of the Scientific-Research Panel of Risk Assessment in the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.

Prior to joining GNHI, Dr. Dadiani worked as Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health of the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In addition, she has served as National Hygiene Expert for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs of Georgia, and for the National Forensics Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Also, Ketevan has been a founder and board member of the Georgian Nutrition Society. As PI/Project Manager, she has contributed greatly to GNHI’s numerous international research, educational and institutional development projects focusing on Hygiene, Nutrition, Public and Environmental Health, and Food Safety. Ketevan is Epidemiologist by training, with over 35 years of extensive experience in the fields of Epidemiology and Hygiene. She holds a MD degree from the Medical Tbilisi State University.

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