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Deputy Director

Nikoloz Shavdia, PhD

Nikoloz Shavdia, PhD, is Deputy Director of GNHI in the field of Laboratory Testing Services. In particular, he oversees the food safety and environmental safety laboratory testing operations. In his earlier carrier, he held different positions, being Chief of the Sanitary and Epidemiology Station of the City of Kutaisi (1972-1974), and later Junior Researcher of the GNHI (1974-1978); in 1978-1981, he worked as Deputy of Chief of the Sanitary and Epidemiology Station of the Ministry of Health of Georgia, while in 1978-1990, he served as Deputy of State Sanitary General of Georgia; also, in 1981-1986, he was Chief Physician of the State Sanitary and Epidemiology Station of Georgia, whereas, in 1986-1990, he worked as Chief of the above organization. In the later years (1990-2004), Dr. Nikoloz Shavdia acted as Chairman of the Department of State Sanitary Surveillance and Hygiene Norms of Georgia – the State Sanitary General of Georgia. He has authored several state laws and regulations of Georgia, including, but not limited to, “the Sanitary Codex for Ensuring Food Safety”; besides, he has been an author or co-author of over 40 sanitary documents covering different aspects of hygiene. 

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