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Dr. Rezo Kobakhidze is Director of GNHI. In his role, he oversees GNHI’s management and operations of the institution-wide core infrastructure units. He joined and brought to GNHI a new and modern vision for the whole organization, promoting both research and laboratory testing services, using a concert mode of operations in the fields of Sanitary, Hygiene and Medical Ecology. He is a founder of the Union of Personal Resources Research and Development Center. He is also a founder and board member of the Georgian Nutrition Society.

Prior to joining GNHI, he held high managerial positions across different governmental institutions. He was Chief of the Food Safety and Quality Department being an integral part of the National Office of the Food Safety, Veterinary, and Plant Protection at the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. He was also Deputy Head of the Regional Supervision Department of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia. Before that, he held a position as Chief of the Office for the State Sanitary Supervision and Central Inspection at the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs of Georgia. Dr. Kobakhidze was Deputy Chair of the Federation of Consumers of Georgia. He was Chief Sanitary Physician of the Sokumi city, and later on served also as Deputy Chief State Sanitary physician of the Abkhazia Autonomous Republic of Georgia. As PI, he has contributed immensely to different international research, educational and institutional development projects in the areas of Public Health, Hygiene, Sanitary, and Medical Ecology. Dr. Kobakhidze received his MD degree in Sanitary and Epidemiology from the Tbilisi State Medical Institute.

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